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AI Powered Agents Trained On Your Data

Create a fully automated AI agent like ChatGPT to help you or your customers get fast answers about your business with zero coding.

Import Data

Add any Website content, DOCX,TXT, PDF files, or even YouTube videos securely into your Chatbot in minutes.

Customise Agent

Choose your welcome message, chat icon and color scheme to match your brand and needs.

Start Using

Simply grab the link to your custom chatbot or embed into a Website of your choice.
Efficient Solutions

A Simple User Friendly AI Agent Platform

Imagine having your own fully trained AI customer support agent working to help your customers who visit your website 24/7/365. The chat bot will know everything about your business and chat directly to your customers in a friendly conversational manner to quickly respond to their questions. I can take care of multiple conversations at once and can do the job of several people to a high standard and in line with your brand.
With GPT Lab, you have the ability to change the skill set of your agents into a talented salesperson who not only helps customers with any questions they might have, but also assists in the sales process. The agents takes into consideration the customers requirements and can ask further questions to engage with the customer and close the sale. Imagine how your sales will grow when you have a highly skilled salesperson dealing with all of your chats quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day.
Once you’ve uploaded all of your data, in the form of any website, PDF, file or text you can talk with your chatbot and ask anything you want to quickly find the answers you’re looking for. You can also generate useful content, using the data to help you with your work, such as letter, writing, emails, social media posts, or even blog posts. It’s like having Chat GPT at your fingertips, but it specialises in just your business and your needs.
Our agents are perfect to help onboard and train new employees. From day one, newcomers will feel a sense of belonging and clarity, all thanks to this efficient helper that knows your business inside out. An efficient, consistent, and friendly onboarding experience that leaves a lasting positive impression. New hires get up to speed faster, reducing the time and resources traditionally spent on lengthy training processes.
Pricing Plans

Our best pricing offer!


$0Per Month
1 AGent 50 Messages P/M 500,000 characters/bot Widget customisation Chat history & insights Embed on unlimited websites Wordpress Integration Powered by GPT-3.5
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Most Popular
$49Per Month
5 Agents 5000 Messages P/M 12,000,000 characters/bot Widget customisation Chat history & insights Collect & export leads Embed on unlimited websites Wordpress Integration Zapier Integration GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4*, GPT-4 Turbo* Priority support
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$19Per Month
2 Agents 2000 Messages P/M 12,000,000 characters/bot Widget customisation Chat history & insights Collect & export leads Embed on unlimited websites Wordpress Integration Zapier Integration GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4*, GPT-4 Turbo*
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Our Motto

We will help you ideate, design & implement

New Feature!

Automatic Lead Collection

With our latest feature addition, you can now request contact details from your chatbot users. You have control over when to show the lead form in the chat too. Perhaps the best part is that every new lead that’s generated can be emailed to multiple email addresses. You can also export all your leads for quick and easy reporting.
Chat History

Take a look at each and every conversation that's taken place within any of your agents.

Agent Personas

Change the agent prompt to change the character and purpose of the chatbot for your needs.

GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 Support

Choose which language model is best for you and your needs and select a plan accordingly.

Import Your Data

Import PDFs, TXT, DOCX, CSV, XLS files, Google Sheets, Websites, and YouTube Videos into your chatbot .

Multi Lingual

Our platform supports around 95 languages. You can import your data in any language and users can chat in any language.

No Code Platform

Simply copy and paste our ready-made code to embed the chatbot anywhere you need.

Privacy & Security

We use military grade encryption on all uploaded data for your security and peace of mind.

Control Access

Choose to share your Chatbot publicly by embedding or keep for private use within your FastBots account.
Bret  Day

Bret  Day

Product Manager

“The platform is so easy to use! I asked myself `how do I change`…hit the 4 bars up to the left and you can adjust anything. I am very excited to have this smart software”

October 2, 2023
Melanie Parker

Melanie Parker

Founder, Magnum Group

“What an amazing tool GPT Lab is – I’ve been using it for a few days, and it’s proving SO helpful. I’ll definitely be recommending it to all my agency clients.”

October 2, 2023
Daragh Adderiy

Daragh Adderiy

Support Consultant

“I’ve tried a lot of agent builders and this is by far the most user friendly and easiest to train.”

October 2, 2023
Stephen White

Stephen White

CEO, Doz Designs

“I have literally created a free test bot on each platform(GPT Lab, Chatbase and I made them identical with exactly the same prompts, all using GPT 3.5 Turbo, but for some reason the response from the GPT Lab delivers the best answers.”

October 2, 2023
Kith Croftoon

Kith Croftoon

Founder, Shiptech Marine Ltd

“I tested two Bots but GPT Lab ai provided accurate results.and I am happy about it even I am still new to this technology.”

October 2, 2023
Simon Turner

Simon Turner

Breakthrough Advertising HQ

“After watching a YouTube video on how easy it was, I took the plunge with GPT Lab… signed up for an account, and I was literally up & running within 2 minutes… asking questions and receiving instant answers from a Chatbot on one of my own websites. Amazing really! I only wish I had signed up earlier.

October 2, 2023

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