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Introduction is an innovative AI-powered SaaS solution designed to transform how businesses manage daily operations. Our digital employees, comprising AI Agents (RAG), Workflow Automations, and Voice Agents, seamlessly integrate with your team, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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Our Vision

At, we believe AI and automation are catalysts for a more advanced and productive future. By automating mundane tasks, we aim to unlock human potential, fostering creativity, strategy, and emotional intelligence. Our mission is to empower organizations to focus on growth and value creation through our advanced AI-driven solutions.

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Problem Statement: Administrative Burden in Healthcare

Medical clinics often struggle with administrative duties, such as scheduling, reminders, and patient inquiries, taking time and resources away from patient care. The lack of automation and reliance on manual methods lead to inefficiencies and errors, impacting the clinic's overall performance.

Abstract wave illustration. Solution: AI-Powered Clinic Operations introduces AI-powered digital employees to revolutionize clinic operations. Our Voice Agent acts as a 24/7 virtual receptionist, handling scheduling and reminders. AI Agents manage campaign responses and communications via WhatsApp. By automating routine tasks, we improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enable clinic staff to prioritize patient care.

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Use Case: Luxury Villa Rentals (Airbnb) also enhances the operations of Airbnb villa rentals. Our Voice Agent manages booking inquiries, scheduling, and guest communication. AI Agents optimize property availability, update listings, and send reminders. This automation streamlines operations, reduces response time, and allows owners to focus on guest experiences and business growth. (POC)

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Team/ Founder

"Marco Nahmias is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at, an innovative company leveraging AI and automation to transform business operations. As an AI Architect, Marco is deeply passionate about utilizing technology to advance the future of work. He envisions a world where AI and automation enhance human capabilities rather than replacing jobs, focusing on removing mundane tasks and enhancing human attributes like creativity and emotional connections. Marco’s vision is driven by his forward-thinking approach to anticipating industry trends and creating solutions that promote societal benefits and operational efficiency.

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מערכת CRM

Chatbots are fundamental AI tools that interact with users through pre-set scripts, often struggling with complex queries.

AI Agents, on the other hand, use natural language processing and machine learning to provide more agile and personalized responses.

Digital Employees, the most advanced form, not only mimic human conversation but also execute tasks, make decisions, and learn. They enhance operational efficiency and productivity by performing multiple functions.

Action Agent's unique offering lies in its advanced Digital Employees, which revolutionize workflows and significantly improve productivity.

Chatbots vs. AI Agents vs. Digital Employess

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CRM: Phone Call Dashboard

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CRM: AI Agents

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CRM: ReRank

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CRM: Actions - Workflows

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CRM: Knowledge

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Value Proposition offers a suite of automated software solutions to improve workflow efficiency. Our products include AI Agents, Workflow Automations, and Voice Agents, which manage tasks such as lead responses, appointment scheduling, and reminders. This frees up employees to focus on more valuable work. Our solution is applicable across industries, especially healthcare, insurance, retail, and e-commerce. With competitive pricing, we make AI accessible to startups and small businesses.

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Financial Projections seeks $700,000 in funding for its first round to cover operating expenses and growth initiatives. With 180 clients, monthly revenue is projected at $90,000, amounting to $1,080,000 annually. Including installation fees, total expected revenue for the year is $1,350,000.

1. Monthly Revenue: With each Clinic paying $500 monthly, revenue from 180 customers will be 180 * $500 = $90,000 per month.

Over a year, this amounts to $90,000 * 12 = $1,080,000.

2. Installation Fee Revenue: The one-time installation fee of $1500 from 180 customers pans out to 180 * $1500 = $270,000.

Over that goal year, the expected total revenue, including both monthly fees and installation fees, would amount to $1,350,000 ($1,080,000 + $270,000).

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The estimated expenses for in the first year breaks down as follows:

1. Research and Development Team: Estimated at $30,000 per month, this leads to a total annual investment of $360,000. The budget accounts for the development of a language model with voice support, automation techniques and establishing partnerships for onboarding.

2. Servers and Miscellaneous Operational Expenses: Estimated at $3,000 per month, it equates to an annual operational cost of $36,000.

3. Marketing and Sales Team: Given the competitive landscape, a dedicated budget for the marketing and sales efforts is set at $25,000 per month, translating to $300,000 in annual expenses.

Adding up these costs, the total operating expense for the first year is forecasted at $700,000.

Therefore, the Investment we are seeking in our first round of funding is $700,000 to cover these expenses while continuing growth initiatives.

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Startups FAQs

Startup Name: Action Agent AI

Startup URL:

What year was your company founded? Jan 2023

What Problem are you looking to solve?

Medical clinics frequently find themselves entangled in an avalanche of administrative duties. Scheduling appointments, dispatching reminders, answering inquiries, and orchestrating campaigns dive into valuable time and resources, redirecting the staff attention away from their cardinal responsibility - patient care.

What is your company going to make to solve these problems?

We offers a revolutionary solution to these challenges by introducing AI-powered digital employees into the clinic's operations. The solution includes a Voice Agent that acts as a 24/7 virtual receptionist, handling tasks like scheduling appointments and sending reminders. The AI Agents support campaign responses and manage communications through platforms like WhatsApp.

Which industry are relevant to your company? - Health Tech, Call Centers, Hospitality

Team Introduction Video (~2 minutes) -

Why is your team a winning team?

Deep Integration of Open Source Technologies: Our team leverages a diverse array of open-source technologies, which not only accelerates our development cycle but also allows us to innovate at a pace that outstrips our competitors. By integrating multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) beyond just GPT, we harness the best of various platforms to enhance our AI's capabilities and adaptability.

Advanced Re-ranking Unlike many of our competitors who rely on a single model output, we employ a sophisticated re-ranking system.

Comprehensive Solution Offering: Our product suite combines the functionalities of what could typically be three separate startups: Voice AI, AI Agents, and Workflow Automation. This integration offers our clients a seamless, all-in-one solution that simplifies implementation and increases operational efficiency. By consolidating multiple needs into a single platform, we reduce the complexity and cost for our clients, making our solution exceptionally competitive.

Please share any traction metrics you have.

Dental Clinics Rishonim - Pilot

Lametayel Thailand - Pilot - active customer

Do you have revenue? March 2024 VillaNofYam - $4000 setup + $300 per month = $4300

Lametayel Thailand - Pilot - $3000 (Building Agent Phase 1) - total: $7300

Dental Clinics Rishonim - (onboarding) April 2024- $3000 setup + $500 a month + $300 nof yam = $3800

How do (or will) you make money? How much could you make?

1. Monthly Revenue: Revenue from 180 customers will be 180 x $500 = $90,000 per month. Over a year, this amounts to $90,000 x 12 = $1,080,000.

2. The one-time installation fee of $1500 from 180 customers pans out to 180 x $1500 = $270,000.

Over that goal year, the expected total revenue, including both monthly fees and installation fees, would amount to $1,350,000 ($1,080,000 + $270,000).

What is your target audience?

Our target audience is specifically medical clinics that are grappling with the high volume of administrative tasks that detract from patient care. We aim to serve these healthcare providers by offering AI-driven solutions that automate routine administrative functions such as scheduling, reminders, and patient inquiries.

Who are your competitors or might be your competitors?

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2. retellai -

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5. -

What is your competitive advantage?

Comprehensive Automation Suite: Arini mainly handles incoming calls and appointment scheduling. In contrast,'s suite includes AI agents, workflow automations, and voice agents that cover a more extensive range of functions beyond just phone calls, enhancing overall productivity. cost-effective solution for smaller businesses. All in one Voice Agent + AI Agents + Actions (Workflows)

What is your competitive advantage? is well-positioned due to trends in AI advancements, automation across industries, and digital transformation accelerated by remote work. Increasing data privacy laws, higher consumer expectations for fast service, economic pressures for cost efficiency, and growing trust in AI further bolster its relevance and market potential.

Why is now the right time for your startup? is well-positioned due to trends in AI advancements, automation across industries, and digital transformation accelerated by remote work. Increasing data privacy laws, higher consumer expectations for fast service, economic pressures for cost efficiency, and growing trust in AI further bolster its relevance and market potential.

What is your Customer Acquisition strategy?

To acquire customers, we'll leverage targeted digital marketing, partnerships with industry influencers, and integration with popular CRM platforms. We'll offer free trials, demo webinars, and exceptional customer success support. Strategic pricing tiers will attract diverse businesses, scaling from local SMEs to large enterprises, aiming for viral growth through satisfied customer referrals.

What are your next major company milestone?

Our next features include enhanced AI personalization, Voice LLM multilingual support , and deeper CRM integrations. We're learning from user feedback and analytics to refine UX and expand capabilities. Continuous customer engagement and satisfaction metrics, along with growth in user adoption rates, will guide our validation of being on the right path.